Friday, 22 January 2016

Healthy Resolution

Everybody deserve to be fit and healthy..

As a nutritious food consumer , sometimes due to our bad trashy food habit we don't even care about the " nutritious" food it self contained too much protein, too much carbs for our calorie value need. Eat healthy must be differentiate from eat greedy. Healthy  doesn't mean we could eat as much / varies as we want.

Me myself..
Im on a diet program. 
Diet not because I want to be somebody else or you probably think Im not loving my self.
I have to !..just because my weight over 13 kgs before and I found many difficulties during exercise, lack of antibody and last but not least the thing is because of my terrible allergic condition.

I am the one could be called as a crying - baby  as hell for food containing sea food. Since I stay here most of the food contained sea food ( the oil, n so on). I eat greedily then the next few hours, I put my self on danger. What for?. So before i decided to lose my weight, I've been 4 weeks on pain like puke, fever, stomachache, rashes n others allergic reactions and went for consulting to one of the best internist here but unfortunately the doctor only gave a slight attention to allergic case. Maybe the ratio of allergic patient here still a few. 

I would like to share and also remind myself the future i have a problem with my weight again, here you should do. One thing for sure, Im not recommend you to use any drugs to lose weight but if you try another drugs/supplement just under your risk. 

1. Check your BMI

Do you ever heard about BMI?. Body Mass Index. Shortly I would like to tell that if you are an athlete, or simply called a bit muscular you must considerate your bone weight also your muscle mass. There are many articles will explain to you about this. So please use the google instead I explain a fairy tale. If you are an athlete and you use this simple BMI you will find your BMI interpretation will be over weight/ obese instead of normal. An athlete person usually 20-30 % more of BMI normal value. So please don't be scare if you find this happen to you or keep questioning why my body looks perfect on a mirror but weight this much.

After you understand about BMI..If you found your self over weight or obese, also your shape are very annoying to your own eyes that will lead you depressed of your self esteem you may start your diet.

2. Calorie counter / calorie needed per day

Most of us are notice certain food/ drink they will give you the calorie contained per serving. Yes, you are right usually located at the back side of the package.

Before you read those numbers, please make sure you know your calorie needed per day. Your calorie needed very important to stay healthy. Don't do a extreme diet that will eventually kill you slowly and exacerbate your hunger state. Sometimes an extreme diet will lead your sugar demand..due to hypoglycemic and it will lead you to starve.

No need to find the best nutritionist on earth since now the application available for your mobile phone. Im not promoting..again just sharing i use this app  "m* fitn*ss pal" the blue-white logo. It was very easy using that app. It will help you to count your calorie intake, calorie need, and almost any kinds of foods and brands are there ( even Indomie, nasi goreng). Very friendly and if you dont find the food calorie just scanning the bar code. That app asked my current weight, my target weight, my daily activity and so on. Almost forgot, you can list your exercise too!.

So for now my calorie needed per day are  1200 kcal to reach the target weight.
I could eat as much as i want for these 1200 kcal but under control. 

3. Knowing the basic of maintaining weight

Refer to the step above, we have to know...although im capable to eat until 1200 kcal, the basic to maintain your weight for diet

a. Low sugar
b. Low salt/ natrium
c. Avoid trans fat, low fat
d. No junk food

When I know i could eat this 1200 kcal per day..I hold this principle. Please do understand..low doesn't mean none at all. Sugar, fat and others still important to create energy to help you to burn your excess fat.

Often schedule  
Breakfast- cofee (sugar added ), sometimes veggie and fruit too kalau gak malas.
Lunch- Makanan enak enak..sampe kenyang asal tau diri lah,.drink plenty of mineral water or 0 calorie drink
Dinner: 0 calorie drink, sugar/ vegie. If after exercise I lapar then curi2 makan a slice of wheat bread. Find gandum better for you than the white skin.

4. Knowing your active metabolism

Simply just avoid eating when you are on your lowest metabolism such as before a bed time/ rest

5. Excercise

Three times a day for at least 30 minutes very important for you. But during this program i did my training almost 5-6 times a week. 

Cardio work out is very important to cut your calorie. The more cardio work out, will cut the crap of your calorie,.then you can eat more :). Olahraga untuk makan banyak!

During exercise toning your muscle also important to help you burn that fat!. People with muscle tone are easier to burn their fat. Do push up repetition!. One thing i need to remind you..please aware of using dumbel/ barbel if you are still on a big shape!! kalau mmg mau punya body kaya Big show or incredible hulk ya monggo. If you are on a  big shape please excess your cardio work out first and just do push up repetition set. If your weight gradually decrease you can set your dumbel 1 kg and slowly increase.

Don't under estimate sit up..very curing for 1 pack tummy/ central obesity or could be untuk perut kaya nenennya kucing. Do the sit up first!. Abdominal crunches ever heard bout it?. Crunches good for shaping your tummy but the movement didn't count to cut your calorie.

6. Motivation 

Please don't stuck on your journey. When you decide to start and you loss your weight even only a few pounds it was your struggle.A process. Don't quit. 

7. Enviroment

Find a healthy environment who keep supporting you. Doesn't matter if you are surrounding by friends who love culinary but make sure they are respect with your choice :).

I got these best friends who loves gossiping while eating/ snacking  but they never insist me to do what I won't. But if I told them I am hungry, they will feed me like a baby.

A group of a same goal very helpful to encourage you. Find a perfect friend/ best friend to help you through your obstacles. Luckily i got these 3 gentlemen whom always remind me if Im  not coming to the training session. " Hati-hati makan di jaga. Nanti besar!".  Whoa..Thanks a lot partner in crime. For the best MMA training session.

That's all for now,



* spelling error due to malas. Thanks

work out on my own dojang

work out with one of partner in crime

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