Tuesday, 26 February 2013

2nd Odontectomy

              I just performed odontectomy yesterday Feb 26 th  for the second time on my 3rd left molar tooth held in Kuantan..huft what a stressful day but everything going ok compare to the previous one. It made me says Fuck to the previous dentist!!!. Yes that was bcoz yesterday only take 15 minutes tooth extraction and half an hour of hecting...full of skill owned by my mom's friend Dato' Thee. Thanks God!.
He's quite old and very expert of doing that minor oral surgery,.without bleeding everywhere, n less of pain. Since i was no longer feel the pain sensation for about half side of my head n face since  he performed block anesthesia + local anesthesia. N i saw with my own eyes he doesn't use any extra power, sweaty or anything to extract my impacted tooth!!. He performed incision calmly even he drilled my jaw bone.Thanks lot to him...
mom took this pic while my tooth extracted already to prevent blitz and annoying the process

Tranquil and clean area

Tooth which extracted

              What im doing rite now is only waiting for the healing process. Next week must pulling out the hecting ( 4 sutures). Although the odontectomy yesterday went smoothly but still i can't escape from the pain after that. I need to take regular analgetic. If i miss just slight minutes to take the medication, the pain killing me wonderful VAS 8-9. So only very soft diet could only pass into my mouth without chewing like the food my parents bought 4 me: Strawberry milk, instant chicken porridge, soft tart cake, meat ball which i need to mince it first. Sadly, sometimes i just forgetting my diet since only heavy calories food can enter into my mouth.

             From the experience, i guess back to around few months ago when performing 1st odontectomy that was a sadism n quite a thriller for me. Because the stupid dentist doesn't give me any instruction post odontectomy while that is very important to avoid late healing process and most avoided case is : DRY SOCKET. I just knew it from my mom. Dry socket is a condition when the blood clot at the wound area is off/lysis n it will resulting pain sensation lasting to weeks. And,..I felt this sensation already. I felt pain for around a month just because i break the rule..

   - No more please-

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Real Costa

Today is Sunday

Yesterday too much task and activities for my IKM weeks. I am craving for relax no tension,no schedule. Yesterday, even late i went to pangkalan Ojek for doing the program for community “free medical check up”.

That was very interesting since many ojek drivers came and spent their few times for medical check up. Mostly, they came to consult their headache problem, coughing,itching,even there is one patient got DM but sadly they can’t get away from their cigarettes. They complain their symptom but smoke 3 packs of cigarette a day. I told my mate Bumi not to continue the presentation about cigarette coz really useless at all since cigarette is one of their identity. I saw it from my own eyes,…the patient with DM. After we checked the blood pressure, history taking and educated him about quit smoking, start healthy life style, change the diet, and encouraged him to control at puskesmas for the medication and he said..”yes…yes..” but at last he went somewhere for smoking.damn!

Wait…….I am away from the topic today. I should talk about what’s that mean by “The real costa”. This time I would like to make some article for myself..just to remind me if in case it is necessary.This topic today is actually one of a lesson for me especially a lesson about Love and Life.

I am not saying that today's topic is related to me..or could be related to someone i am closer with but really doesn't matter the thing is the topic still interesting for me.

Case I:  "A" is one of an ambitious man which is very interested to travel around the world to gain his knowledge and also career. He travels lots since childhood,..graduated from another country and continue his study to another country which is means that he doesn't has any intention to try in his own land. He met many girls along his journey but only a few (can be counted) that able to come into his life. He is not a player even he is able with his good looking face and his attractiveness. But unfortunately, he was not going well with his previous relationship. Not because of the third  party but they are not belong to be together..the one with the religious issue,..and the one with the family issue. Wow..complicated isn't he?

And finally, there is one girl he met in another time and of course not from the near countries. Which is.. she got everything. She can be called as "perfect mates". Good looking face, body, attitude, well educated, both supporting family to their relationship and..she is willing to follow him everywhere as well as his beliefs. 
Right now, he is underestimate with this such perfect situation. He is really trauma from his previous relationship. Sometimes he forgets that Lord is always guide him and find the best for His man.

If we look into our past....It was really hurt when something we planned, protected, and survived to make it last is not going smoothly. But remember, God has create your mate from your bone, costa. isn't it? and your costa is not going everywhere. The costa is made just for you to..live and end your time with.

Case 2: "B" just end up from her years of relationship. What a takes time for that relationship after all..more than 4 years considering her self as a "bitchy nun"..no bond from their relationship. Previously they were committed to their relationship to be strong, and always find a way to be together even got a plan to be together in a few months before their story end.
Some says their relationship end up due to pure LDR (long distance relationship),..some says due to "B'' left the relationship out of their commitment or vice versa who knows?. The easier way to say is "B" no longer comfort and found many disadvantages for her academic through that time.
During hard time of adaptation, B still learning to move on and achieve many happiness through her real principle, away from tears, no quarrel anymore but still on a progress to learn.

9 months after they broke up,.they met each other. They were quite shocked since never look into each other even conversation. The man already open his heart for someone else. "B" doesn't want to have any relationship with any man during the time..just let the fate guide her who is the "real costa" for her..it could be anyone else,it could be him, or maybe another persons surround her.

One day, the man asked her to be "back".
B is not thinking twice..but thousands. Deep in "B"'s heart. She still keeps the feeling.But during that time, "B" found that her life turn into miserable. Why?because suddenly she is upset..too much  in her head. Y the man open his heart?y 'B's end up the relationship?y "B" needs to b back while she is now find a great of happiness?.
Finally, B refuse the offers. Because that is useless if back to the past where she can lost her happiness today, her principle, her amusement..even her own self. Furthermore, if a man really loves you he will not easily open his heart to any one else for any reason and any excuses.


Friday, 1 February 2013

What happen on 2013

Dear blog,.

Supposedly i update what happen on 2013.a bit late but never mine,..still early of the year isn't it?
Today is the 1st day of February. Nothing new really..unless my left 3rd molar tooth growing arise above my gum and of course more hurts than before.

The picture on the left is my self during odontectomy (right 3rd molar tooth)on 2012,..i forgot..maybe around 3 months ago.
I am planning for next odontectomy will be scheduled in Malaysia, with my mom. Sure, when she is beside me,everything will be prepared and i will feel less of worry. Hopefully, on mid of February i'll finish my IKM (Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat) department.so I can go back to Kuantan for around a week and back to the reality (maybe obgyn department).

Anna always accompany me during hard periode..as u can see on my right cheek was swollen due to an effect from odontectomy . It was very painful trust me!.
Anna also was there on that odontectomy moment...only she knows that i cried a lot on that night. Thanks Ann!

It's already 8 weeks in IKM and there is no progression. My research very complicated since it is belong to my tutor, Basir. He is in a task of his Doctorship program. So, we are as coass yang ga jelas (Basir salah kasih tanggung jawab ke coass yg seperti kami) in charge for his big and extremely complicated research about carcinoma mammae. Basically, every coass should made their own research but this time is really different.We need to struggle together as one team doing his research. My duty is searching for primary data of each patient about "Potensi yang hilang pada penderita kanker payudara post rawat inap". Still i've to help my friends for collecting secondary/primary data too.Oo,.yeah..our research also has a relation with the finance of hospital (RS. Wahidin and RS. Labuang Baji). You know,.that is not easy to deal with this kind of thing. too much trouble, difficult to apply and sensitive though our survey is only for medical research not for judging or suspecting any illegal payment.

My team mate of survivor in IKM department. We called ourselves as a "The Kill team"(means in bhs.Indonesia is Dekil). Our motto is "Be are the kill us all come fuck"(Biar dekil asal kompak).hahahaha..

Yesterday we took this picture at Puskesmas Tamalanrea for doing this activity erm..Kedokteran Keluarga.
Hopefully there is a miracle for us on 10th week of IKM...I hope so much that my research will be done on that time so i could adjust my next department and go back to Kuantan for odontectomy faster.Aminn...