Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Honor from the duchess of Bukit Katulistiwa

Hi All...
nice to meet u again,.after a long time never put my steps on this blog,now i would like 2 make a speech..
I, Ragil Sekarindra would like to Say Thanks to Anna Rasdiana for her effort to make my kasta up...what i mean by kasta here is just a word of wisdom ;p.yes bcos after i heard a song of holly glory,.every little things in my day become bitchy bitchy.Then when she brought me to her blog,.spontaneously i became the duchess of BTP now,.such a great moment here!.

Who is Anna Rasdiana actually?
wELL,..she is a friend of mine. Her actual name is Andi Rasdiana. but people might call her anna rasdiana since she changes her birth certificate's name on facebook, twitter n blog. I met her on 2007, my early year on Makassar. You will shocked when u know her,..i even not sure whether i can call it as an outstanding improvement or label it as a "horror terror trigger like a killer of Kwaitoter who loves to eat sugar so become better not too darker"...(My God now bulan Ramadhan at last there will be unforgiven sin.)

She is Changed!!!
Dulu masa mudanya begitu indah,.sopan santun, selalu senyum,solehah, tidak suka mencaci maki, suci...wait,dont be worry she is still the same Anna;)...but now I dont know she loves to be a trigger.Trigger here means she likes to,.likes to..sy bahasa indonesia saja ya,.dia ini kodong suka sekali jadi pemicu. Seperti reaksi hipersensitivitas,.and her role here is the "irritant/allergen".selalu suka memancing namun tidak ingin dirinya yang jadi pelakux,.dan ujung2x sy slalu mengakhirinya..jadi seperti lempar tangan sembunyi batu. Setelah itu barulah dia tertawa puas,..namun banyak hati yang sakit dan terluka diantarax.Termasuk "teman seperjuanganx"..ntah di mengingatx ato melupakanx.

She has a nice teeth,.kenapa tiba2 lari ke gigi..waduh ini ada kekuatan magis yang mendorong sy bicara masalah gigi.No,.it is becoz her teeth are so excellent!.I love to see her smile...maniss banget.gigix putih, rata dan bersih cocok skali jadi iklan sikat gigi but not in KFC!...sy pingin putihin gigi saya supaya lebih kinclong kyk Anna Rasdiana ini.Sy cuma pede sikat gigi di wc..again not in KFC!

She is a Taurean,.betul kah begini spellx.her Zodiac is a Taurus..n it is easy to remember her birthday.Her fave colour is green,.she loves everything in greenish but lately I always see her wearing a red colour thing,..see... she is quite changed!.Green means ketenangan, penyejuk hati dan peaceful,....but Red is Spirit,brave and aggressive,.yesterday is past today is you anna.Even now i am affraid to bully her anymore...becoz how she can learn that fast? Every movement to her is so difficult, even touch her kerah baju is too high ambition for me,..but for Anna i don't know y very easy for her to defeat master of Taekwondo..she has a 4 hands which were unable to see. She is genius to use every weak tools to touch me,.though weak tools like--> sedotan but it was a greatest impact to me.

She has a brilliant brain,.not only a princess of Bukit katulistiwa but also princess of Chemistry.Maybe she is a master of Biochemistry too...becoz she loves anything related with chemistry she entered biochem class for 3times that time,the lecturer keep saying about crab cycle n i cant understand a little..but geniusly she loves it,...ckck i think that is not a crab cycle but creepy cycle to me.

She has a talent of manga drawing,.damn good,.not like me...ahaha,.she always too good to draw people.I wonder,..dimana dia belajar..n pastinya jawaban yg paling tepat adalah bakat dari sang pencipta.Barang apapun yg jelek pasti sangat bagus bila anna melukisx..jujur sangat menjengkelkan dan buat iri hati. Apabila banyak orang memintax menggambar muka mereka di buku catatanx,..padahal itu hanyalah suatu fiction semata2!.Ttapi mmg kuakui Anna pintar mengambil hati orag lain,.tp meskipun cukup lama sy berteman dgn Anna blum pernah ad sehelaipun kertas yg melukis teman sejawatku itu..sy ga tau kenapa.Sy pun tidak ingin menanyakannya,...mudah2an hatix tergerak utk melukisx kodong krna siapapun itu,.dia tetap tman kita.

She is one of an atopic group. Why I called her that, just bcoz she is allergic to pollen especially after raining. Actually she needs to depend anti histamine, but sadly the drug is a nightmare for her. I ever asked her to took 1 tablet CTM (chlorpheniramine maleate, antihistamine) during activity in our society, MYRC n the result was she suddenly tripping like a G6.she deadly sleepy...Actually she is pitty bcoz everytime she feels itchy,.suddenly she becomes bitchy..garuk sana garuk sini kalau perlu sampe berdarah2 garuk terus!
She can't defeat me,.becoz single CTM can't make me sleept except for 3 tablets. I guarantee you to challenge me Anna,...I can defeat u with 3 tablets of CTM.

Anna is a tall girl,.she has a good looking face and good looking body. She never satisfy with her looks,.although people call her kurus,.she always say "bisanya,.gemuk ka' nah!".Yes she is weird,...
I love to see her wearing high heel bcos she looks like a model.not like me,.betis besar n berbulu kodong....hinax itu.but its okkay better than wearing socks like "Lady gaga".
Talking about This Gaga girl,.Anna triggered me with her phone's picture n the Gaga girl also using the same colour like the picture does. Anna,.please enough I cant take this unforgiven sins anymore..

Anna is a clinical med. student who loves to laugh...she probably spend lots of time to laugh than serious. Though there is an illness and die-will-be patient in front of her,.she cant even cover her jokes during that situation. Her fantasy is too high,..many story that,.one of them is biarpun keluarga pasien yang nenek2 kodong dikira Avatar yang datang....then the other one she always ask me to be a mosquito,.she says that i ll cure the patient if i perform that,.but i think wit the looks like this...n the buzzing mosquito's sound,.iiiiiiiiii.....

i guess all the patient will b referred to psychiatrist,..

What more,..erm i think there is no ending story for her,..becos as long as she is my friend i cant say this is the end of my karya tulis. So later, just check it out my blog ok,...next time.
Now she is in Jiwa n for a moment I am unemployed student but my heart berdetak kencang coz this saturday i will face the reality. I seems forgot these days that i haven't take my pediatric exam yet.wowowowo;( im crying..