Self Introduction

First of all (my favourite word), I would like 2 thank--> Anna Rasdiana, S.Ked who gives me a motivation to construct my blog starting from the basic.I know.. nothing can compete her especialy this whole cyber thing.

Ragil Sekarindra,.here I was born in Surabaya-Indonesia on July 22nd 1989. Thats y @1st I would like 2 introduce my self "Born to be Me" (jujur ga nyambung sih wkwkwk...).So don't ask!. I am the only one daughter of my parents AE Witjaksono n Widowati, I do have a brother: Endrawan Pratama which is now he stays in Japan 4 his research study. I really proud of him, I guess he is one of my idol besides my mom ,my late grandpa Rahmat Utomo ( u r always in my heart), Bruce lee and my previous Taekwondo teachers. From the name which r mention above, they have an important characters in my life which is build a strongest heart. But,. strongest heart doesn’t mean I can’t cry. At least I could perform better for my self.

My academic record,. started from kindergarten: TK. Paripurna Surabaya, primary school : SD. Hangtuah 1 Surabaya (Kelas 1 SD-early of 6 SD) then continued to SK. Kubang Kerian (3) Kelantan, Kota Bharu. My parents and I moved to Kota Bharu , Kelantan on 2001 so I need 2 repeat my standard 6 till 2002. Secondary school @ SMK. Kubang Kerian (1) Kota Bharu, Kelantan till form 3, n my senior high school was located here @ the same school only for 2 years form 4 n form 5. I had been in Kelantan for almost 6 years , after I took SPM ( Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia) then b a student of Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar-South Sulawesi batch 2007.

During that 6 years I faced a lot of joy n hurt..but the most happiest things I could have are my high school frens n addicted hobby which is Taekwondo. Do you believe if I used to be a great fighter before?..ahahaha,..ermm,.yup u have 2 believe me since I ever joined wushu for 2 years n a state athlete of Taekwondo in Kelantan for 5 years. Now I still train Taekwondo but not like previously. I am willing to choose my study than anything right now, since I know thats not easy 2 survive from this haunted medical school.hikz;(. But remember if u ask me what is my hobby I will answer I love sports!.N,.if u wana challenge me in the arena (not in the street!) u r most welcome,.see if u can beat me?.erm,.but don’t worry I think now I am soft as a cotton n easy 2 b beaten! not an athlete anymore tadi Cuma bicara besar kodonk..

Such a long story before I entered this school of medicine. At 1st I don’t have any intention to this medic thing. Previously, I loved to b a women on a uniform mean interested in flight academy. Actually I was joined the test n preparation for flight academy but due to second taught n everything finally I entered medical school. Now if u ask me whether I choose Medical school or Flying academy,…..eng,.ing,.eng…truly from deep of my heart I wanna b a doctor. I found difficulties during my 1st sem, then later I find interesting on this field. Not only u can help n cure the patient but…the one I liked the most is research from the medical perspective. I just finished my undergraduate study as S. Ked (Sarjana Kedokteran) n will continue my programmed study for 2 n a half years (practical in hospital). Hopefully I could end it on time!!!lets cross our fingers for this..huuhhuuh scary!

Other things bout me..erm:

♥ I love black n red colours
♥ Must avoid any kinds of seafood since I have a terrible allergic,
♥ Boyish/ tomboy
♥ I have a lot of wonderful friends
♥ I love to do on my way
♥ Disorientation of place
♥ Sotta'
♥ Spontaneous

That’s all bout me..Bye!