Little Chubby

*dedicated to beloved little chubby, she is my niece..and i love her like my own daughter ;)

Name: Kirana Kominato Pratama
D.O.B: 26 January 2014
Daughter of: Endrawan Pratama & Hiromi Kominato

She is very imut and lucuuuu.....
For her age, she is very hyperactive and able to do skill above her age. She loves milk so much...and the size of her milk bottle is more than half of her body. 

She loves to wake up in the early morning doing "fart sound" with her bubble and screaming like BABY METAL to attract her parents.

She is very active as she always performing "Tetsumaki sempunyakku"( street fighter special attack) by her muscled legs.

She loves to do superman fly and climb above her parents shoulder when she is upset.

                                                      Look at my size..hihihihi

                                     im fed up                                   loves to play jingling toy

                                                           Milk Hard,Play Hard                            

to be continued...

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