Saturday, 6 July 2013

Synopsis of Welcoming Anna (27 Jun 2013 - 04 Jul 2013)

DAY 1: Makassar - Kuala Lumpur

1. Reach LCCT airport to KL sentral via sky bus

Roomy baggage. We brought only a few pieces of clothes because  we know this baggage will be filled with stuff later.

2. KL Sentral to Pekeliling via LRT

Our belonging stay at My home Hotel (budget hotel which is only place for rest and put our bags). This hotel located at Pekeliling near Pekeliling bus station and monorail. So very strategies for food (beside Hokaido seafood restaurant and other indian resto), daily shop and transportation. I recommend this hotel for its hygiene, worth price and easy location).

3. First destination Suria KLCC by monorail



Took some shots helped by gorilla pod (we bought in Makassar yesterday). This time we are lucky enough. Usually this place flooded by tourist and people hanging around. Maybe others are still on their working hour. In KLCC we only spend for window shopping and serve our tongue with drinks and yogurt since the price were not suitable for our budget but the scenery does.

2. Bukit Bintang and Berjaya Time squares



nge-crepe before back

Here Anna and I bought quite many clothes on this place. Branded yet sale...!Anna drunk with vincci things, gamis and scarfs. Our betis seperti mau meledak..kecapean jalan dari subuh sampe malam non stop. We back to my home hotel on 23.00. actually we would like to enjoy the night at bukit bintang but thinking bout transportation esp monorail ended at 23.00 so we decided to go back at the rest place.

DAY 2 - Genting Highland

Woke up in the morning and we choose to have our breakfast on mamak Indian resto for teh tarik and Canai.  Anna was not in a good condition. Drop due to over tired within these days. But she still forced herself for Genting although i asked her to stay in KL only n enjoying Mall but she prefer took a journey to Genting. We quite confuse..since we learn the path way to Genting by people's blog only. So a bit complicated.

Breakfast at mamak stall

Pekeliling - KL sentral(monorail) - confuse....n we back to Pekeliling again (taxi)

Pekeliling - Genting HIghlang ( bus)

cheese filling sausage yummy...

 Outdoor park photos only..yang indor kelupaan di foto..since Anna enjoying sale vincci shopping
sisa ini aja kliatannya

Nah..sehabis puas ngebolang kemana2..waktunya kita pulang ke home sweet home yg ditinggali kedua lovely parents Kuantan, Pahang. Perjalanan sekitar 3 1/2  jam dari KL. We took night and the  most late schedule bus. Sekalian bobo supaya nggak terasa nyampe di Kuantan.

DAY 4 - Arrived in Kuantan Pahang very early morning on 03.00

In Kuantan we picked by my parents n directly went to  home sweet home KTR. We stayed here for 4 days...
In the morning...if not mistaken on 09.00 we went to the down level to take snap shots

                                          and went to the back yard..private beach

After selfie we back to our unit n lunch with parents at Malakca. They sell bakso..pecel lele n many things there...dan sorenya kita baru nge - beach...bukan nge bitch.

DAY 5 - Explore teluk cempedak and Tong Pak Fu time

In the morning we explored teluk cempedak beside KTR dari matahari renah sampek tinggi. Kulit dari jernih sampek kusam!.

                                Pulang dari berkusam ria bobok...n sorenya nge- pantai lagi!!!!

ngicipin first time Tong Pak Fu dessert ditraktir mb. Yunita as our night dessert


Early in the mini zoo beside KTR. Padahal katanya si Anna takut binatang, tapi akhirnya enjoy banget..

Si Anna ngikutin gayanya ostrich

Sebelum pulang k KTR, ke teluk cempedak mampir bentar beli yogurt and chat time tea

Pulang ke rumah bentar..n cont. to east coast mall shopping n nonton World War Z

Pulang nonton,.jemput parents n makan welcoming dinnernya si Anna 

DAY 7 -  (Last day) IIUM tour, Relax Pool, Last Supper with parents

IIUM guided by my mom...jalan ke officenya klinik, kantin, dll...

                                             Relax afternoon. Pool and Jacuzzi time

Supper with parents...went to alif, mamak resto asking anna to try indian food and before back to KTR we spend a bit time at Yakueng shop behind the resto to buy accesories n ate ice cream


We back to Makassar on the 8th day at 02.00 am by bus to KL and 12.00 noon to Makassar. So far It was the best experience with Anna as my family in Makassar n we were enjoyed so much for welcoming her in Kuantan.