Thursday, 31 March 2016

The One

Wrote this song a year ago..I guess i had a terrible vocal chord since never practicing anymore 

When u ask me all the bad dream it was running through my vein over night
And if u stay here be my angel
Gonna keep me from the nightmare I don’t care

And it wasn’t true that I could live without you
Blaming all the past we’ve been through
Will you never leave me coz Im begging u
Be a part a part of me again let me holding you hand

chorus:The moment when you're with me
When everything just fine
The one who never leave you and always by your side

bridge:I had tried to live another life to try another you
My heart getting colder

And die..and die without you..

Song & Lyric by Gil

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

12 Days

12 days...

Were more than happiness i could have in my entire life. We have our best friendship back.
Mistakes decided to never regret. You said, "Everything happens for a reason".Yet we were blessed to have this brilliant journey. 9 months apart from you feels like an overtaken by the death.We are undefeated. Both lost or defeated are choices. Everybody knows the limit and ever get lost but we choose to remain undefeated.

Today when I see you away from me.. You know  how graved I am?. I cant even moved nor drove back from the airport. I am losing part of me. Sudden awakening. I was the one who deserved being left since I tortured you the most but you give me lessons to learn and of course a chance. One of them is not to put guilty for any decision we had taken in our life.

When we were talking about sentiment or feeling. I never want to play that role. We don't.

You remind me that still I am a human. I had tried my best and knew my limit. When you pointed a finger at me back then..the rest of them pointed at you  because you tried your hardest more than human could afford. Huge standing applause still can't reach for what you did. A chance is not just a chance. I will appreciate this for the rest of my life. I know I couldn't make you feel excellence..but at least I am the one who still trying to reincarnate for that chance, never let it go.

You are the most big-hearted person on earth. I wonder how could you do that? And how super-human could away from you?. Or maybe I am just a fool tiny dust impossibly detached from you. I guess nope!. Coz any of your friends decided to be there for you too. They knew who you are..the one who worth for everlasting-ship.

You said only need 3 days to know someone inside out. How naked I am during those 12 days?. Everybody says I am strong enough to face everything without fear. How about I ignored the twin beds and shared a single tiny bed with you?. I asked you to stay all night just to make sure no ghost haunting me...every person who knows me realize how coward I am with that "kind". Now you found out everything by your own eyes..everything.

We are twins. Too much similarity but covered with our own choices. We don't have a heart to do something inhumanity. But when you faced the should know the time when to attract yourself. You cant agree with my time, so did I.

Anyway thank you so much for those memories. Take care and see you in the near future.