Thursday, 28 January 2016

Martial Art is deeper than the ocean

Hilariously funny when I read all those post here just about and music though the originally me I love martial arts so much. Any kind of martial arts genuinely Taekwondo.

Who said martial art only taught cruelty?. You are exactly wrong!
You probably think I am the one whom short tempered but could you just imagine how I control all of this shit?. All due to self control learned from martial arts..and yeah music too of course :)

Some people born in a different way.Way to express their emotional value. Do you know more there are thousand martial arts more than you know?. Most of us only knew Karate, Taekwondo, Kungfu..actually there are many of them more than you could Imagine. Especially here in our country. Indonesia a paradise of varies culture following their self defense variety. such as Silek Tuo  from Minangkabau?. Even myself I just knew this self defense exist when one of our respected master here in UNHAS told his story about this. Marvelous his curiosity and hunger of martial arts knowledge so unbelievable but he remains down to earth. He prefer called himself as a learner than an expert.

Martial arts is a way of life. Guide you to release from your darkest side. Not telling joke..many martial arts enthusiast derived from the most darkest side of their life. Same thing goes to me.
I admired to argue and keep challenging everyone I met starting from childhood. I am not considering everyone having their own self defense that time. Stupidly I just brought myself and a weapon and challenge everyone older older older than my age. How if I killed myself?. Never think bout it until these martial arts occupied me.

At the age of 9. My parents forced me went to Vihara like places and they showed me Wushu. I tried this Wushu for almost two years. One year for only basic ( the stances so unbelievably tiring) and another one year learning movement and  learned a weapon, Toya. During this time..Wushu helps me to discover of martial arts but I didn’t discover when and where I should apply my excess fight like those in the movie. I feel kinda boring that time yet I gained my arrogant and still loved to fight with everyone else. Who doesn’t?. Stupid childhood whom always being flattered with praises..being called and paid by local TV station and fulfill some of event’s entertainment. Hahaha stupid. I still loved to fight everyone else for no reason.

Until  I moved to another place with my parents. Standard 6 till SPM. On my first year of standard 6..again due to my premanism behavior. My parents brought me to the right place. The club named Sara Taekwondo. I joined the club along with two times belt acceleration ( white belt to Yellow stripe and Green 1 to Blue 2) and one year punishment for black belt. Hehehehe…That’s why I told. Martial arts will teach you to behave and control your selves. My instructor said it’s no use if you are the best player, never absent your training but over pride and can’t control your emotion. I am desire and too much emotional when fighting. Martial art is for self defense not for brutality. “If you want to fight..imagine yourself flowing like a water. Calm, relaxing, using your mind properly. If you are emotional like a look like a monkey. Stupid”. Never forget those conversation. During that time I learned and want to be the best player for him. I don’t want to let him down..I turned to be so ambitious. At the age of 15 I tried to part timely worked as a coach under my club until I finished my study in Kelantan. I taught Taekwondo to high school, primary school and even university when my mom’s students were there and recognized me as a young aged coach. I tried to devide my time for my training, my part timely work and also my academy. That was so hard since finished training always at 11pm. So I forced myself to study for 2 hours every day. Fortunately everything going well for my SPM result.

During that time, when closely bond with my instructor. One of another club asked me and offered me a better facility for an athlete. I tied and consult this with my instructor and again almost being expel from my club.
“ Jangan jadi kacang lupakan kulit. If you wanna leave just leave but please don’t ever come here.”
I wondered  this case is too much. Until I found something with my own eyes. They taught you to be loyal with whom raised you.

A previous player from my club. She is very talented and consider best player but she left him..left the club. She is very different and way too ambitious to achieve something which was forgetting the basic principle of martial art. My instructor doesn’t want me to be like that.
Self defense is a culture. What is your motivation on the first place to be part of it?. Learning the philosophy or just receiving the gold medal and prizes?.

Another thing is sharing your knowledge to anyone else.
One of a student here (not in the club) I almost gave my time to improve her skill. Until she banned from the training institution and find a better place. Everyone insult her till now..but I don’t think this situation is concerned me until she never even say Hi again to the place where you came from. We have a lack of women’s instructor here. Not one, not yet. If that best player sharing something in this place, people will gain their motivation to reach the goal. There are no difference between woman and man really, but could you just imagine it really will boost others passion.

Lastly, after you learn martial art you will be more healthy you know part of sport. Taekwondo easy to burn as many calories and you will find yourself more self esteem to walk or doing your activity outside. I am a beginner of MMA. Ever heard about it?. Mix martial arts. It will combine your martial art basic such as taekwondo, and combine with another specialty from other martial arts such as boxing, jiujitsu, muaythai and others. When I learn this MMA, it opens my awareness of how dangerous of others. Taekwondo itself although you learn fighting or sparring just make you feel in front from those sparring inside the arena, or to a slight street fighter without weapon or lack of self defense opponent.

Now I see differently than before. I just can think other people a piece of meat when you walked yourself alone. If not mistaken more than a month ago..I rushed back to my home after training. Around 7 pm behind the hospital campus area. My campus got two gates..gate 1 and 2. No security available there they just available on gate 1. So I drove slowly while searching for my drinking bottle and open my both windows widely. A motorcycle of two passengers came knocking one of back side’s window. I thought I hit them and they asked me to go out from the car. There was no time for me to call my friends even they got near me. I brought my nunchaku inside my bag but if Im steadily holding that weapon probably they will ready their weapon too. I just grabbed my car’s key.
One of the passengers stand by on the vehicle and the other one walked to me. Directly before he speak too much..I made a thrust to his nose using my key. I could feel the stabbed out sensation. He fell down on pain, and his friend suddenly threw down the motorcycle and run towards him. While they were made out their escaped back to the vehicle I also escaped myself from that area. How if the boss or their groups come over me?. So I just escaped and let them run.  My sensor key needs reparation because of that moment. Thank God I am survived.

Moral of the story here..If you are a martial art enthusiasm don’t ever quit!. Sharpen your knowledge to the deepest core of your major and keep trying something new. When you feel you are done/ enough means you are still on the small parts of martial art because martial art is deeper than the ocean.

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