Thursday, 15 December 2011


5 days since finished exam...
I feel so bored and dont know what to do. All friends still bz 4 their schedule, boyfie himself bz preparing his job interview. Hope everything going well with him.
Last time i thought i would b in a gym, but really malas if boyfie didn't go wif least my 1st day in a gym he is there with me.

Now i just getting worry waiting 4 my neurology mark. I am worry because the head of the department absent, n i need his signature ASAP to let me free from this boringness life. I know my life so hectic but once i can taste the sense of holiday everything change 180 degrees.

Last saturday i went up with my best friends, a senior and an old friend. They are Helda Yusnita and Nirwana Fitriani Walenna. Usually after finishing my exam I will spend my time with Anna and Ipha, but unfortunately they can't join us since they were in Maros doing their LN. I guess both of them will meet me after Obgyn done. I called Ipha this evening and she told me that Obgyn one of a bz department,.they are great since they never stop and rest like me!.

A bestfy of mine, Nicha Rahmadani she already took her compre exam. she holiday quite a long time due to radiology problem and i am sure she did her best 4 that. I wonder how can she survive during these holiday?. Well watching a TV show is a freakin' weird to me since my last kost2an  didnt have 1.

God,.help me to cure this boringness life. Thank you blog 4 helping me find a way to reduce the symptom.Thats y i keep visiting my blog,.
Bobo, boker,bloging,bok.., bobo lagi!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Akhirnya selesai juga..

Akhirnya lagu request-an dari Ipul bisa jadi juga. Mau sekali  lagu english,..yah dibandingin lagu2 lain pastinya makan waktu. Secara,.grammarx error2 + klo pake nada2 kyk lagu lokal nggak pas didenger  klo lirikx pake english...
Title: Forever
Estimation  time: 2 and a half days..


Hey,….I know  it’s true
My heart was fell for you
Hey,.you know it’s true
I never lie to you

Say yea,..say yea,…say yea,…
You’ll love me too..

You’re my everything
You’re my intuition
You’re my endless love
You’re my hero fiction
You’ll be my lovely day
And I will love you forever,…

Hey.. when you’ll be mine?
I’m waiting all the time
Hey,.you’re my sunshine
Without you I am blind

Don’t go away and leave me right here
Promise you’ll never change your mind
I couldnt breath till you by my side
And say you’ll love me forever..

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Goodbye 4th Year

Finaly after I took a long time for holiday (holiday much longer than study) I finished my 4th clinical year. My last department was neurology,.and my comment 4 this department, thumb up for those who choose this department as their specialty. I was like,!.. how can they learn human electricity and understand of each the “cable”?. Damn,..
My exam done yesterday,..with the “Lady” (unspecified for a safety reason). The question was standard actually ,but sometimes I blank with the question, I mean not easy to understand her question. N that made me asked her to repeat the question,..n I got B. Well, that’s fair for my “tandem” guy was Nasrul Hadi. He’s my junior but his brain like a supervisor..hehehehe.but he’s a kind guy not solkar. N,..the interesting story here,.this exam is not like another previous exam,.this exam super special. Becoz,.usually when someone attending examination with supervisor need to be excellent, beauty and clean during that day. But,.what happen to me?. Yesterday I only use white long sleeve L-size belong to Ipul and use black A-shaped skirt paired with black simple rubber shoes. I didn’t take my shower,.never put any powder to my face n my hair must be wild like a kwaitoter..n my doctor coat very  dirty. Owh my God,.honestly, I feel so ashamed since many patient’s family n everybody looked at me. Once my friend saw me wearing this stupid look, I just told them the truth before they ask me. Yes,. avoiding to b stamped like a Kwaitoter. The idea of styling like this came from Anna Rasdiana,.she said,”Pakaian cumala..cumala mko saja”. Ckckck (T_T) . Again she helps me a lot,…Thanks Anna….
Now I have to fulfil my dream to begin on constructing this blog and of course construct my own body. My body is like a damn burger-shape ,.i have 2 big slices tummy here. Very embarrassing when I look through a mirror….Still dilemma actually, I wanna submit myself to a gym but difficult really 4 adjusting my schedule. Yes for now I am on a holiday but need to prepare for my academic administration before entering my final clinical year. Yeah maybe next year I will enter the next department, I wanna taste the feel of “GLORIA” 1st

Gil's song collection-Tinggalkan hatiku

Song writer: Ragil
Lyrics: Ragil

One of my favorite karya,..check it out!
This song dedicated to "someone"....someone here anyone can listening to this song.ahahahahahah....
Leave your comment!n try listening to another song collection.

Tinggalkan hatiku

Engkau tinggalkan hatiku yang terluka, sisa kenangan yg terlupakan.
Walau kau jauh suaramu kan selalu, ada disampingku menemaniku.
Saat kumencoba berpaling dari mimpi namun dirimu membawaku kedalam,..

Derita…kehancuran aku tak kuasa tuk melawan bayangmu engkau pergi dan tinggalkan aku

Sedih melanda hatiku yg terdalam
Inikah takdirnya cerita kita
Aku tak kan lemah jalani hidup ini
Tetap ku berdiri untuk melupakanmu

Detik tlah berlalu cintaku takkan hilang
Lelah hati ini lepaskanmu
Mungkin kau di sana melihatku tersenyum
Tapi itu hanya membuatmu bahagia