Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Synopsis of Raya in Kuantan (July - August 2013)

Raya this time very lengkap for our tiny happy family..

I already stand by in Kuantan for 1 week and waiting for Mas Wa2n n Romi. I just used my time for exercise and going everywhere by my self.

Romi in her pregnant condition quite weak for her since she is still in her 1st trimester. Sometimes she felt dizzy and nausea if her activity too tough. 

Wa2n n Romi came a week before raya. For 1st trimester Romi is tough enough for mosty women because she is able to climb down for private beach, pool, window shopping etc...Before raya we enjoyed ourselves using the facilities at our home sweet home and sometimes we went to east coast for cinema and accompanied Romi nge- Baskin n Robin. She doen't like milk but fortunately could be replaced with ice cream.

 tracking to our back yard,private beach

scenery if we climbed one of the big rock

Sometimes we went to Teluk Cempedak tourism spot, just beside KTR

Monkeys were everywhere near teluk cempedak since easy for them to get food compare to KTR from tourist who brought foods. In KTR residents supposedly not allowed to give them food, but sometimes sneakily i give them biscuit/ over raw fruit

Mostly we just at home and waiting our time for beach

on the balcony could see monkey playing arround

Prepare for private beach

Buat tetek2-an dari pasir hahaha

main sampe poge nunggu buka puasa

Finally buka puasa


Raya is coming..
We only spend few hours untuk sholat hari raya, makan2 bentar dirumah..then cabut ke KL for  family vacation. Actually Kuantan itself is a place for tourism esp relaxing, but it is wasted if Romi reached to Malaysia but she never try KL.
We drove to KL by car 4 hours journey, went to KL drove by Ragil and mas wa2n. Reached KL we parked our car inside the hotel n we round the city using monorail for efficiency of time and avoid lost.

1st day in KL, kita terbagi 2 kubyu. Parents and the children. Parents silaturahim in KL while us hanging arround Bukit Bintang, KLCC, berjaya times square.

Masuk hari kedua jalan2 bareng parents ke central market cari sabun untuk kakakx Romi

                        Central market

On the 3rd day, we left KL for Shah Alam, main ke rumahnya aunty Marina n stay at her house for 1 night only. Sekitar 1 jam dari KL. We know aunty's fam starting from when I was 13 years old. I knew her since in Kota Bharu, she always swimming and going out with us. She is my mom's bbf n mas Wa2n mommy too in Volgograd. When I attended mas Wa2n convocation day i spend 1 week at aunty Marina's house back in 2008.

 Mas Wa2n n Romi playing with kids. These kids very attracted to Romi

Night walk after dinner

The next day we leave Shah Alam and went to Colmart tropicale @ Bukit tinggi and stay there for 1 night. The scenery was awesome. 
We rent a chalet @ Bukit tinggi resort consist of two floors. 1st floor1 is kitchen and  guest room which are wide enough with wonderful scenery form the balconyn then 2nd floor contained 2 rooms separated between parents,me  and Romi,mas wa2n and two bath rooms.
in front of Bukit tinggi resort "Colmar tropicale"

feed the stupid swan

Enjoying afternoon tea 

The last day at colmar tropicale, we already bought 5 tickets of jungle tracking and canopy walk, but apparently Romi felt dizy so only 3 of us enjoyed the facillities.

we are ready for jungle tracking and canopy walk

At last kehabisan pakaian, gara2 full kringat etc...pakaian pun seperti hipis

Ready to go home, and kehabisan pakaian