Thursday, 14 October 2010

taste of friendship,.

Actually im a bit late to share a story of (IPha,Gledis,Anna n me) our own cooked food .We did it on my house 2days ago..we started @ 9.00am 4 shopping @ Carrefour market.We planned to cook Ayam goreng lengkuas, Capcay (kinds of everybody's favorite vegy) n ronde (one of east java tradiotional drink)..We also took a snap shot 2-3 pics during that time .So,.a bit narcism but its just a ussual tradition of "us"..haha,.ya include me but im not the obsessed 1.hehe,..

Very funny,.we had a lack of knife to cut down the stuff n guess what,. in case of emergency I used new parang, bought when I was on threatened by the unsafe living condition on my place.But everything went smoothly, though we kept up n down since my kitchen is at down stair.If I stared to Ipha, shes familar with those things like cutting the garlic,vegy,etc..but what I've seen from Anna n Gledis,.erm.. they just like started,.but anyway 2 tumbs up for them coz what they did just like the professional chefs whom started 10 years ago..hehehe.bravo!

Fuuh,.but the problem is,.we forgot to capture the food,.only the preparation.

Maybe due to too much passion of hunger,.hahaha. Believe it,the food was great n the portion is too much 4 us especially the Capcay, so we gave to the girl on other room 2 try our food but not the chicken!hahaha..thats 4bidden,bcoz scared if the portion too less.

K,.i think thats all..choww!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

not "that"..

i got my period today. Act im not so sure,last nite im down with diarrhea due to this PMS or food poisoning?.but i think its complicated since my gastritis also exacerbated.
Thank God..for last 2 days only crawled on my bed can't do anything.besides that quite nervous actualy, coz my period a bit delayed from my prediction. A day before my frens Anna n Nicha told me not allowed me to think:

"this",.. it is ussual for the delay coz menstruational cycle is around 28-41 days..
i know i know..i didn't come for Reproduction system last subject, so i use to be a none med. student especialy for this subject. ahahaha,.but what stupid i am!.how come i get pregnat without any kinds of iermm,..penetration...hahahah...mayb im one of that special lady..(name not mention here). 4 days to go is my short sem for this subject,,im confuse, i dont know which part i could begin my study.bcoz i think it is too hard 4 me to read a book without more explaination from the expert.

What i want to say here,.ermm yes i could say that i am one of the happiest person in the world rite now. I have everything..not bcoz lot of money..but:
i got a superb family which love me without a doubt, wonderful frens which are always be there for you..

How could im not happy,..


Tuesday, 5 October 2010


God,thanks 4 everything,,
Today im suprisely happy in a sudden..actually started from yesterday.
1st, my pasport done!.yup,.emm..but a bit sad coz my previous pasport gone lost by them(imigration worker),hopefuly it is unnecessary to attach while traveling anywhere.

2ndly,.my Bf's dad helps me 2 find car driving licence through his friend. Im very glad since never hold the license for these 2 years .YUp, i lost iy..again n again...fortunately I still have 2-3 copies of it.Maybe 2morrow I'll proceed this...wish i caould proceed this a.s.a.p my frens "anonymous but special" gave me a jeans jacket! what a cool jacket..!like it so mucho..its for my birthday gift!no..not today,.its last July but they still remember 2day i just gave my time for them,.how cn they made me looked so of them called me on the phone for a prob,. n they were rushed over my place. i used to call Mc donald delivery service wished i could cheer up n b a shoulder to cry.N Damn!.thats just their way down to me.So we just ate all the Mc D stuff,not only watched movie 2gether we also out for a dine..