Monday, 16 December 2013

Managing Hurt

How can you stand for 1 year night terror or trauma which coz ur life miserable and doesn't know the cause..everyday u feel nervous,fast palpitation and cold sweat which u don't know what happen. These kind of condition lead me down..
I need to take a break from being "not me" for these whole 3 months tortured. Not only  because of stress made me like this,..but maybe i need to managing hurt of my past. I don't want to talk about past here..because past let me dizzy and not give me any fortune or advantage.
If you ever got a same condition like this, i recommend u to manage ur life peacefully just like this:

1. Don't be shame if u need psychiatrist to help u with the medicine. Really it works,.but have to accompanied with positive and joy activities
 2. Sport
3. Optimal sleep
4. Raise your diet with fresh fruits, fiber and food/drink contained milk will bring u energetic and fresh
5. Talk to your friends
6. Movie
7.Don't think negative
8. High self estimate to any things which need responsibility such as works,office, etc..we have to sure that we can bring any responsibility like anybody else. If everyone can, why we don't?
9. Joke = laugh
10. Going to a great new place as u need tranquility.

Hopefully this can help anyone else to escape from being not you in daily life