Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hati terluka oleh holly glory...( Lebay mode still on)

Ntah mengapa,..hati terpaku lidah membeku.
Wahai Holly Glory, kutak sanggup menanggung kejamnya hidup..
Engkau datang bak nyanyian fajar, diriku menjadi tersipu malu.

Seorang penghibur lara, anna rasdiana menjadi tak tentu arah,.
Pengikutnya sang bidadari cinta, tentu serba salah.
Ku tak ingin menjadi pendusta, namun tak terhindar dari rasa amarah.

Tuhan maha mengetahui,
DIAlah yang tahu isi hati..
Semua hal yang tak terduga menimpa hidup ini,
Namun hanyalah ketabahan yang duduk menemani..

Ku terdiam sejenak,tertanya di dalam benakku..
Ketika ku melangkahkan kaki ntah mengapa kuterdengar sesuatu yang merdu.
Ku tak pasti, namun kuyakin ianya bukan hari sabtu.
Sahabat perjuanganpun menjadi gelisah, berusaha tak mengenal lagu.

Ya Allah,.ampunilah kesalahan terbesar dalam hidup kita.
Sejujurnya kuhanya ingin sahabat sejatiku selalu bersama..
Bila memang sudah takdirnya kita terpanah asmara oleh sang gloria.
Kami hanya berfikir ini mugkin sesuatu yang istimewa,
Dan berjanji tak akan mengulanginya dan mengecewakan-Mu untuk selamanya..

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Special Day, Special Moment, Special Guest n Special of Me

Today is a special day..
The event was held @ Barugae unhas for S.Ked with all friends whom attended 4 today's glorius day ( y i hv 2 use this word?). Last time i said the oath,.sorry correction-->Brevet 4 specialist, oath for MD n janji sarjana kedokteran ( really im not sure what usually called 4 this janji).

Why special?. bcoz they called my name by put sarjana kedokteran on behind n allowed us 2 promise something we can't break n something about our responsibility. Truly, I felt so proud 4 my self, 4 my friends..n..i dont know bcoz it is so hard 4 me 2 explain.Not only Sarjana Kedokteran attended for this event, also specialist and medical doctor. It means we had 2 wait for our turn to be called.It was so cool..the situation is not what I thought. Looked so intelectual, glory and victory. Frankly a bit scared if my (IPK) will come out unsame with the real one ( if it is due to holy glory,.Smileyanything can happen -___-!!).

Oops,.I forgot. a night before i asked my boyfie how if i gv the invitation card 4 his mom. He said his mom really wanna go since she wanna know exactly how is the situation when someone attending 4 convocation n she felt pity 2 me coz no one i can bring along with. So I am very happy since she was attended this event accompanied by boyfie's mid brother. I guess.. it was a special guest 4 today. Terima kasih ya ibu and Andi Rul...

I woke up @ 4am in the morning though I slept lastnite @ 01.30 (damn sleepy!). Thank God the baggy eyes were covered with those thicky make up ahahaha...
I use green kebaya,.the top I use the previous Yani's one n made the skirt since yani's one looked so pale.
I keep the marron kebaya 4 the convo day,.parents day.My parents insyallh plan 2 cm here on this 28th. Only my mom will stay here until Jan 1st bcos she must back 2 work.Daddy only has a 1 way ticket n i suggested him 2 buy a return ticket over here.Hopefully every plan going well,.I cant wait 2 c them,.Miss them so much especially this day.

I love the way when my frens family come 2 c their kids growing up n their undergraduate progam was finished..My god,.if I were them,. I'll b so lucky!. but alone doesnt mean not lucky,.but i am lucky enough bcz i had a chance 2 c how great I am could finished my programe without them by my side.(ahahaha,.pintar menghibur diri sangatlah penting).dont wory,.bcoz honestly I am very happy 2day, bcoz all my frens r my family..!Smiley

After spending few hours inside barugae,.we came out n had a snap shot session around campy. I just joined my friends family,.like AR's n MS's fams. Unfortunately my boyfie's mom rushed went 2 her school, so I couldnt delay her.
Next, we continued our session to photo studio along with some of frens fam.but again, though at 1st i told it was a glorious day but still incomplete without Yani. The snap shot session was 2 short,ahahhaha...this time i Feel like this bcoz the fee is 2 expesive 4 us.Our friends "DGA's daddy" ( y everything is initial lately it is due to her...AR!)is a kind person n easily he paid the sessionSmiley. Omg..Thanks Om!.

When everybody back @ home i took some time with those myrc's girls AR n MS. we went to small photo studio n again..snap shot session just three of us.We went there bcoz I told MS that I wanna have a photo of me. Then she knew this place,n i guess the photo is great ( i saw the result) wkwkwk..the photos will upload soon,.check it out blog!.
On that time,.actualy we suffered a heavy pain due 2 our high heels n deep of hunger. The way we walked just like a G6!ahahaha..Eee..Nda Baeknyaa!
We stopped @ Mcd perintis when otw home.We were not easy 2 stop everywhere due 2 our dress n make up.After lunch,.back home.

I guess thats all the detail,,
Alhamdulliah!so,.for all my friends which r Sarjana Kedokteran
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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Air macEt...gara2 Holy Glory No Watery..

Hikz hikz hikz,...ini semua gara2 Holy Glori...
Air dirumah kabelx terbakar so pompa air macet total..BAB ga lancar, mandi n pipoy ga nyaman!.semua gara2 nyanyian merdu nan menipu.
Please,.dont triger me A.R!. Not only ur sleepy berry shut down,.but There is No watery in my house..
Untug blanko pembayaran wisudaku kluar ji,.kalau tidak hancur kehidupan.

Friday, 17 December 2010

morning: lots of Joy! nite: WTF??

Hi blOG,.
Today Judisium and surely,I got the title of S. Ked (standing for Sarjana Kedokteran),.but not yet attending for the oath which is postponed to this Dec,23rd.
I am very glad blog! Everybody smiled everywhere, i could sense a special smell of new white coats, morning jokes n spirits.but,I feel incomplete..since 1 of our close fren from 11an will attend this judisium on next march 2011, hopefully!!

I used my just-arrived white coat last mid nite. Suposely the taylor promised me both of my coats will b done yesterday Dec, 16th. Sadly, only 1 then they just delivered it to my place.A bit dirty n I cleaned it with my tooth brush n body soap. I dont care even sacrificed the toothbrush.

The judisium attended by majority new comers of S. Ked and several of just finished MD, but the judisium r seperated following the cycle from S. Ked.
Only Vice dean I (academic) and academic coordinator were attended at the event n explained about what to do in hospital, oath n convocation day. Maybe 3 days before convo we will have some orientation day in hospital.