Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Back to the reality

I reached makassar today at 01.30.supposely last schedule was at 20.35.Shit la delay..I can't mention the airline name here..but ill gv u a clue it has a blue wing logo n a white background on it.
Ipul waited me on my house since 20.35,bcoz he met the owner of kost2an for a new key.Thanks alot my hun..also he helped me to clean the stinky stuff..very smely worm from the chiecken's egg. I forgot I had those eggs inside my room.So he stayed until 02.30..n im not sure how he went to his house..Yes..bcoz my motorcycle had some trouble n can't use it.ahhhhrgh,.damn,.enough k 4 the entry im sleepy!

Monday, 20 September 2010

withOut them..

Still here in Surabaya till this day..
well 2morrow will going back 2 Makassar, yup.. i miss my A.S.C already.
Emm..lets we talk bout What i did yesterday..
While my fam not here, i feel a bit lonely..thank God my beloved cousins always stay by my side.
Especially riska and dinda always spent their time bring me everywhere i want like pakuwon trade center (ptc)-->im looking 4 couple shirt n finaly after few days i found at ptc; brought me to the food festive last saturday watched the dolphin show n dine along with her bf Tyo. He's a good n fun guy , hopefuly they can keep their relationship just like her sister dinda with mas Asta.
Dimas also very charming, he is my little cousin but now he's grown up. He never say no to everybody,.very adorable. He accompanied me change ringgit n went to BNI for banking, but my time with him too short since his final exam for senior high school just around the corner. He plans to enter Medical faculty just like me!hehehe..(correction:just like his family,.very educated fam).

Yesterday my cousins and their bfs asked me 2 go out..specificly 2 GOKART arena!.

Im on between Tyo n Riska

Damn!..it was unforgettable memory since it was my 1st time playing this excited sports. Im not sure where it was located, but surely at the top of some mall. I drove gokart for 3 laps, each lap for 5 minutes. I thought 5 minutes is too short, but due the arena is compact so i could do many laps for 5 minutes. Yes it was more fun then we tried ATV last nite( @ food festive) bcoz the arena bigger and the equipment safer..i guess. but ATV still not bad!. U know what.. I feel addicted to these things!
All of us had a chance 2 race but Tyo is one of the talented guy who always won among us..Dinda also talented but on the last lap finaly (due to emotionaly unstable)she lose to me..hehehe..but she's still great since the previous lap she did better than me. Actually we took some picture but mayb later i'll publish since my cousins not gv me the soft copy yet..

After Finishing Go-kart thing,actualy at night Dinda invited me to her dinner with Opak 41 "Pak San's Fam). Dinda just graduated her medical doctor.
Before go to the restaurant, I asked them all went to Zangrandi ice cream,.and the night I slept on my cousins house. Fortunately, dinda today accompanied me fasting, she is puasa 4 replacement but me for nadzar ( i won the 2nd place of LKTI national). So last nite she was sahur with me with only simple instand noodle and nuggets. What a fun Day!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Kumpul BareNg..

Alhamdullh,.I am blessed with lots of joy!though my fasting on this ramadhan only stand for two days.. starting from 2morrow i need 2 fast
Today my beloved fam: parents n the only brother Endrawan Pratama back to Kuantan.5 days were too short but its not good for their healthy condition.Pruritus,itchy,conjuctivitis,rhinitis interupting our days.This 21th Sept. should go back to Makassar early besides healthy, need to proceed my passport a.s.a.p n...nothing to do here.well, miss my hun so much..On the 1st day ( 11.09.10)reached at Opak no.44,I met all my family include Bekesong's Fam from Jakarta..yes I met Lana my niece for the 1st time..she is very adorable!but we(babe,bube,Mas Wa2n n me)directyly went to my Grand mom's (from dad) house since babe promised will go there soon on this 2nd day of raya.When we reached there, we met her, om wahyu n his friends..I heard from om Wahyu that everybody include his friends take care of her since nobody stay @her house anymore (previously my dad sister's fam).
And the night,.we had a wonderful time with Keluarga Besar Opak.We celebrated our togetherness at some restaurant, since we never had a great chance like this before,especially during hari raya.If not mistaken llast chance was 8 years ago but thats without Keluarga Bekasi and still with my late lovely Grandpa.
Keluarga Besar OPak
my fam(fr left:Me,babe,bube n bro Wa2n)
I got more pictures but only few will be upload here..
We got a great time..great food,great moment,great voice( disaster!) since the karaoke set was too nerd.haha!but due to our familyhereditary high of self esteem,this trouble could be covered.

On a 2nd day,we do nothing just stay at Opak took some rest and sadly on the evening me had 2 say gud bye to Bekesong's family, back to Jakarta,.too fast but can't stay here anymore since they got lots of works to do.
On a 3rd day(13.09.10), we had a quite good time traveling to Madura through Sura Madu bridge just about 1 hour reached to Madura.We (Two of my cousins Dinda n Riska with their bf,T.Ida,My grand mom,bube,Bro wa2n n me) were lunch at some place, ate those fried duck,chicken,bakso,etc n looking for souveniers.. preparation for Bro Wa2n going to Japan.

The weather was heavy rain and cloudy, our journey quite hard since we brought my grand mom along affraid might slippery for her. We planned take picture @ sura madu bridge but cancelled besides the weather,police car also standby around the bridge.Only bro Wa2n n me out from the car n each took a picture, but we must did it very quickly coz police car sudenly headed to us.
After a moment, we realized that we left Madura behind. Our journey quite tiring but we had a great time.We dropped people @ Opak, brother and me continued to GSI for my dad but unfortunately he wasn't there. We suddenly turned to Royal Plaza accompanied my brother met his old friends and bought some stuff.

Today is the 4th day(14.09.10),..Went to father's fam. I don't know how to tell but ofcoz still have a relation with them.Then we went to kaki lima taylor 4 bro Wa2n's white coat.On this day almost our planned work out, include what i told,my mom also spent her time met her old senior. Besides that, my old laptop aspire 4730z finaly sold out fo rp.1juta..only.Damn!coz i used to credit the payment for about 18 months for rp.+-7juta. That's not easy 4 the one who always spent saving each month.My brother n me went around THR, there is some place like computer city..then we sold it at service center. Now i use my brother's laptop hp compact.Not only his laptop he gave me, also his ipod i touch..I am very excited for this!thanks lot mas Wa2n..

We need to go back Opak soon, since my cousins:Dinda,Riska,mb.Runi n Nina asked us went out to Ciputra waterpark. It was a fun place but sometimes in a mid season it looks like a fish market.We had a great time though the place very crowded, yes sometimes we need to Q for the sliding but still it was great. Thank God i don't think my skin darker though i don't use sunblock..haha!

don't know which pictures fit on my blog but at least 2-3 pics i think enough 2 explain all kinds of activity on that day.We r not directly go back 2 opak but dine @ my cousins house since her house just nearby this ciputra waterpark. When we reached her house, we are welcomed by her two huge persian cats called Milan and Gareng. They r so adorable,sometimes i Felt wanna crush their big heads ahahah,.(sadism mode:on). My aunt Ida ordered delivery pizza hut and absolutely it was filled up fully on our gaster. We spent around 2hours stayed there, n back 2 opak but 1sty dropped mb.Runi. Her house quite far from Opak and my aunt bude Wi2d unable 2 pick her since it was late night. I was very sleepy that nite, but fortunately my bro Wa2n drove the car carefuly helped by a tin of nescafe drink.

On the 5th day(15.09.10) all of us suddenly more passive than the previous day..yes it was due to my bro Wa2n down with vomit and diarrhea "muntaber"..n low fever.
Not sure it was becoz of he was drank nescafe last nite or food/drink intoxication. I think it was complicated since also he drank lots of water from pool.
Then,parents n me said good bye to my father's fam in the morning then we picked bro Wa2n (he felt a bit healthier) 2 take his white cloth but this time i brought along my "I metal" t-shirt 2 make it smaller.

There was a chance 4 visiting Zangrandi ice cream,.i think it is the best i cream in town.Sadly, bro Wa2n felt unhealthier so he just ordered a cup of maccedonia vanilla ice cream. We r scared during this time he might get lactose intolerance. so this time unussualy he oredered only 1 kind of ice cream n probably it was not his favourite one.
We also went to Mirota, a place to buy a souvenir . That day not only my fam, I also bought something for Ipul's fam n friends.Never forget them, people who always care for me.

16.09.10 was the last day i met my fam..they went back 2 Kuantan. Yes I know it was the hardest part as always, but life must go on. Im not sure either i can still saying good bye 2 my brother before he flights 2 Japan. Once my pasport finish,hopefully I can proceed it once i reached 2 Makassar. As I said, alone still I'll stay here till 21th of Sept.