Tuesday, 9 November 2010

i goT what I want..

Repro result,.came out. HE is very fair in everything..thank God.
I was blessed this time,.I dont hv any complain like...
y i got C+? y must b like this just bcoz grade C are 2 much 4 me?.

I never say that..since i got too many reason till He helped me out from such rules,.like: this terminal class is surely 4 the one which took exam last year..
a day before exam, a doc asked me, " Ragil y u dont have ur mark here?.R u attending the previous CSL exam?".
I just told "yes, but nope if final exam, i mean theoritical 1".
Then she asked me, "y?".
N i said,"cz i need to look after my dad. Dad was sicked.in case of emergency".

I was nervous n tachycardia,.
If she find me,.surely Ragil is dead..
so, every grade which label me pass 4 the exam. I am very excited 4 that!beside that..erm..mean Im done.no more pre-clinic class..

Friday, 5 November 2010

tough months..

Hey,.blog!wsup?.long time no c aren't we..??.

1st,.i dont hv too much time 4 u, now i could.. just bcoz everything is done..what supposed to b done??.
Too much story I've been through this month. Even my self hard to believe what was happened..
erm,.I am begin with,

The day,.when I stayed at hospital RS. Faisal..hope this one is the last thing I saw the doctors, the nurse whom always came to give me creepy infuse sets, took blood sample, IV line drugs n I ate only bread, porridge and eggs??. Too suffer to explain SmileyThe worst thing when let my parents, bro Wa2n n family knew about my weak condition. Again God,please take away of being a patient. I wanna b a doctor,.not a patient. That time not due to accident or what, thats bcoz food problem. I am not sure,.but there was quite complication between food poisoning cause gastritis and allergic. Bcoz from the blood sample (a night before stay @ hospital, I entered emergency care unit at RS. Wahidin near my campus bcoz of repeating vomit and diarrhea)my leucocyte level was high exceed till 14000..but simply i think that was all my fault, careless for what I ate..Pity my family, they were all to worried of me. Esp. my mom, she planned to see me..but the prob. is her pasport since she was applied 4 hajj n can leave easily during that moment.

So,.she offered my cousin Dinda from Surabaya to come here. Dinda was in Makassar 4 four days,. since she was just graduated from school of medicine,.corectly I must called dr.Dinda. Frankly I have to say I got lack of activity during that time, bcoz i still hold my pain. But thank God, u brought she here..to watch me so I could rest at home calmly with no worry.
My cuz had a chance 2 meet them

N guess what,.hahaha. On the 2nd day of home rest, I begged her to allow me attending the lecture of my last subject, Reproduction system Smiley. This subject is important to me, bcoz if I pass this one i could enter my pre-clinical year. The class is 3 weeks including the final exam, but still I could bring my cuz sight seing at Bantimurung water fall and Transtudio Makassar Smiley.

During stayed here, I almost give up bcoz our president SBY came to Makassar 4 celebrating anyversery of Sulawesi, but end up with anarchist demonstration anywhere..damn!so it is very risky if we stay out there..so i decided to turn the right way escape from the bz town.
THx God, I think my cuz happy at least cn bring back a story about Makassar not only anarchist demonstration that might judge to anarchist resident. They all good resident, but some group prefer to choose the "other way" to show their care to this beloved country. A beautiful chance 4 my cuz to try Konro Bakar located @ Karebosi..then packed 50 pieces of otak-otak 4 family back in Surabaya. Sadly, time too short since she need to leave Makassar 4 her exam (UKDI), but that was very brave decision to c me though lack of time 4 preparing her own exam. Thank you very much sis...
Sadly, I only c her @ my place not at the airport bcoz that dat I got class..n impossible 4 me to b absence.

After she gone,.
I walked my day through the class all day starting from 7.30-12.00 at Educational hospital (RSP Wahiddin). Wooh,..n exam done.now,what I need to do just relax and crossing finger to have a good result.
@morrow,Ill found out,,If pass means I finish my pre-clinic year.Smiley