Saturday, 21 August 2010


Im so fedup,..2days ago my tummy getting better but lastnite im down with fever n my tummy pain..God,.please forgive me for all mistakes,.i want to start my life,.throw away all the pain.
God,..please,..heal me...

Friday, 20 August 2010

so relieve..

I feel so relieve..last nite went to doctor n he told me im ok,.i got my spirit n power now=)haha
Sports keep haunting me in this head,when I could get back my “few packs” abdomen,tough limbs n stamina?all replaced with these stupid adipose tissue.

God..well just b patient everything will b back to normal..since today new uninvited guest “cold” attack me this morning..sore throat,can’t breath properly, fever..arghhh,. my body immune very drop lately,just met my babe Ipul last 2 days he gives me the virus..
I have a plan to enter to this one fitness centre near house while waiting for my short sem..I wonder when my short sem coming?.This September I can’t participate into my convocation only 20 lucky guys will get the title..S.Ked (Sarjana Kedokteran)…mmhh..Never mind..I feel no worry bout that cz I had a wonderful experience visiting study in Volgograd,Russia that time..wish i could go there once again
slicing an organ into small-flat pieces for microscopic appearance

anatomy room, i am behalf of my brother's lecturer and YUri
Honestly deep from my heart I never feel regret for that,. visiting volgograd that moment surely open my eyes for such a good thing like interested on research idea..and yes absolutely i made 1 of it.Frens,..Ipha and Anna along with me..we as a team cooperate to perform our very best on the beggining of research field.

"The Effect of Hen's Egg White for the healing process of the incised skin wound"

thats our reasearch title..
I think its too late 2 put a story about this today,.my fault. I should keep this,in charge if I am getting old someday i could memorize all this uniqe moment with them.but maybe here i should upload 2-3 pics of our faces:Very hard to did this,.n Anna is the expert

scary moment but survived

( fr Left: me, IPha n Anna), here we won the 2nd place for scientific paper( 2nd time) for national region. Previously we did it at among our faculty

well,.stop dreaming..Everybody will graduate soon (^_-)\m/
K,.enough maybe this evening I’ll try to find my Tropical disease marks ..dont know how..hopefully satisfy me a lot

self evil is a truly enemy..

yeagh,.So sucks,..

more than a week bedrest totaly gain my weight..


i feel regret using my frens motorbike,.accident n complicated with this gastritis. Im not in the mood anymore for KKn..

At 1st ok,.after the incident evrything different.No friends down to Makassar,.

atleast both those ladies Ipha & her sister.. also nicha came to cheer me up..thank u guys.

Still need a consult with doctor tonite,.hopefully everything will b settle down,.n can go back a.s.a.p to Jeneponto..yah i miss all friends at POsko..

New start,.new life on this page..

Starting from today,.
I used to rebuild this blog n start posting anything,.at 1st i feel like slutty using this,.hahah cz im a bit out of knowledge wif this kind of thing..
anyway welcome to ur own blog gil=)