Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Lost World

The lost world,..aha..i guess it is very proper 2 the condition rite now. What I meant here, something hidden just exposed today.I lost my property, not only once. Previously i tried 2 adapt with it n I just let it go,.but it can't.Very poor to the family,.very poor.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Here I am

Sudah cukup 1 bulan Makassar sepi..or mungkin aku yang kesepian. Yup,..its been a month of chaos…ahahah I mean chaos here is I have to do everything on my with my schedule doesn’t make any sense,. Especially like this moment since now im on a holiday 4 6 days. My exam just done for cardiology department, damn still 8 depts left, that’s not a few number?!

My life wasn’t this miserable before,.. all my besty enter surgery department yesterday. Usually, i went out with them like 2 days ago wit Anna, Gledis and Ipha. As always I need to call Anna’s name 1st since she is the main boss among blogger. I need to go back on my real life,.it is Sport. But,..everything is hard at 1st and now my house is quite a distance with UNHAS. mmmhh no supported place for jogging.But yesterday I jogged with Uccay. He is my partner for sport. UNHAS is a great place for sport for its cool environment, trees are everywhere. Hopefully today's weather is okay so i could looking 4 sweat anymore.