Sunday, 28 April 2013

Off for marriage celebration ( May 2013)

Again Im on a holiday for one week..more. Hahaha and will be off to Tokyo, Japan for 1 week starting from May 1st till 7th 2013.

My brother Wa2n will be married with his girl friend Hiromi on May, 3rd 2013.

I already prepared all stuff from Makassar, eg. bride's kebaya and my mother's n mine too. Though  quiet busy especially due to Orthopaedic thing ( i just finished my exam anyway), fortunately Anna helped me a lot to manage those stuff. How busy when u entered this department for only 2 person, but it's okay really because at last I able to pass from this department with a satisfying result.

What a shocking moment when supposedly at first we planned and ordered to make the bride's kebaya on white & light blue color but when Anna n me went to the tailor all of sudden the color became fully white!!!
Damn,..but truly it was more..much more beautiful than expected. heheheh..and fortunately our pretty Hiromi loves this kebaya so much.

I reached in Kuantan on May, 27th. Now i don't have much to do unless packing and packing preparing for Japan.

sebelum hari H, nginep ditumahnya Oom Iqbal ( Om Iqbal n tante Meta is my parents in makassar, but they moved to Japan for KBRI)

latihan ijab kabul hahahaha,.guided by bube

emas kawin bawa dari Indo- Malaysia- Tokyo


Akad nikah held @ KBRI Tokyo

Acara makan2x di cafe Indonesia. Tamu yang diundang gak sebajek,only beberapa dari kedutaan, Romi's friends and keluarga 2 pihak. Simple yet elegan

One of the food

Speech from mas Wa2n (nihonggo) and Romi in Bahasa Indonesia

The bride and the groom with the guests

Here are some capture of relaxing time, post wedding day

Meiji jinggu Picnic

decorated wall of wine drums

drop in to Shibuya street, a place of usually Hollywood casting scene e.g: fast and furious, etc..


Tokyo Disney Land 
with Tante Meta and Vanya only

We went together to Disneyland,.but pulangnya kita sendiri-sendiri. Jadi yah,,aku sempat nyasar selama 2 jam di train station karna bingung dissorientasi jalan n pastinya buta huruf! hahaha...but anyway body language and calculator when asking the people successfully worked!

           inside the special train heade to Disney Land                 cinderella's castle

with Vanya, taken by tante Meta

crowded of the golden week

cute racing

hawaian miniature house