Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A month for relaxing body n soul..

Again cuti 4 a month after finishing my schedule at forensic...quite weirdo really, since my room-partner Anna Rasdiana left me for her hectic schedule at Anesthesia department. Well, for the information anesthesia is the toughest department during our clinical year.Yeah, i just doing nothing 4 the whole 2 weeks after forensic.

           Now i back home 2 my parents for 5 days and continue our journey to meet my dear brother wa2n in Tokyo insyallah,...
hopefully everything will be sharp as our plan. I wonder what my friends Anna, Ipha, Edots, n Iqha doing rite now..since they never go home for rest.what a tough day 4 them.Kodoongg....
          Last nite I arrived home safely at 3 n a half a.m...i didn't get my bus from Pekeliling bus station to Kuantan on time although my dad bought it oredy.. It was out of my estimation. I already tried my best to rush starting from the aircraft landed. The pilot found difficulties to maintain the aircraft stability since bad weather last nite,frankly it made me worried also. I never nervous like that in my life,..long time ago i had an intention to b a pilot "a childhood's ambition". Every time the aircraft caught a bad weather i never felt like these days..cold sweating,palpitation and restlessness.Am i could b called as a coward now?.Yeah maybe that's just because grown up,.now i just concern about surrounding me. Back to the topic, so the aircraft landed delayed  due to the bad weather.
          Soon as the aircraft landed, i excused my self to others for cutting their line because i need to do something before leaving from Lcct. I bought new sim card, activate the bis n poorly i forgot to sell my rupiah but fortunately the maxis counter just beside the money changer.
Anyway thank you be..for waiting me patiently at Pekeliling bus station

             During my journey back home,I felt so lonely really...
Usually there must b someone beside me everywhere i go..giggling,joking n smiling together...never mind;)
I will appreciate my holiday so much,..because seldom to see my parents especially my brother holiday also once i a blue moon. I ever saw my friends comment on twitter Andi Atiqah Hidayah,well she's a good futsal striker hahaha,,.erm she said "During coass life we don't have a schedule for holiday but we..ourselves must plan our own schedule for holiday".
           I spent my time just for my parents,.nothing to do really. Morning i woke up quite late 9 am since i slept late at 5.30 am. My mom didn't go to the office since not good condition with her extremity. But I encaouraged her to gave her self a pleasure as one of the therapy. Fun with me at the beach!n the result,.she's much better now...i know since i met her she showed me a psychosomatic symptom..u need a refreshing mom away from ur stressful hectic job. 

Shortly,here are some of the photos during our vacation in Japan. We are not only visiting Tokyo but also Hokkaido.Too much photos but most of them already uploaded on facebook

With my Daddy from Makassar om Iqbal, he picked us @ the airport. What a warm welcome

at the most right..she is my coolest brother's gf Hiromi . She was with us during a trip for Hakone

Gundam behind us

Miniature of liberty in Odaiba 

A day trip to Hokkaido

 A day trip to Hokkaido

 So at last,the conclusion is..
I enjoy my holiday so much and i guess Japan  is the cleanest country in the world. No worry every time my brother Wawan go back to his father land always got diarrhea..pity u!