Friday, 22 August 2014

I got my surprise

That day. not in the mood to do anything..since blank in the house. Just Merry, Lana n me..everybody off for Palembang for around 6 days. Around 11.30 WITA..Merry yelled at me. " Kak Ragil...Kak Ragil..ada barang untuk kakak". Then I woke up suddenly to reach that called. What I found was..these cute surprise from my childhood twins n her best friend Hasna from Bandung.

black-washed Polo, sandal for Anna, purse, and small magnetic guitar

They said it was belated birthday gift for me..That was means alot to me really. my heart touched down melted (apaan sih). Then I directly texted Anna, she also surprised with that. Anyway thank you so much Jeani n Hasna. I supposedly attached their picture they are:

Hasna (left) n my twins Jeni (Right)

Dear guys, thank you so much for your effort especially on how you guys made me feel appreciated and trustworthy to be a part of your life. Dimanapun n kapanpun kita berada kita harus tetep keep in touch sampe kapanpun yah...sangat seneng lah punya temen2 yg bisa dibanggakan ke siapapun klo Ragil punya temen kecil yang nempel terus dari kecil. Very 2 seldom and unique!

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  1. glad to see you happy with these gifts! and thank u very much for writing on this blog, so happy to have a crazy sister and friend like you wahahahaha