Friday, 15 August 2014

Always be in our mind

Dewiyanti Purnamasari...

was my fighter sister of Red Hwarang Taekwondo (UNHAS). I knew her since 4 years ago. She was the most friendly person i knew...I remember every little thing of her...especially when she was riding motorcycle and called my name that day.You looked so happy and galau at the same could you.

All my curhatan hati..gone with you Dewi. She knew everything came from my heart. And I always remember what she told me..very motivated.

" Kak Ragil....Jangan sedih- sedih terus, yang dulu biarkan saja berlalu apalagi sekarang Kak Ragil jauh lebih happy"

She was ill...complicated. Always in and out from the hospital but she got an adventure heart!. She was still.. able went to Kediri improving her english for 3 months. At that time she is not fully health...tapi CUEK!. Everyone told her to stay calmly n rest at her home but she refused. During that time she was very on fire..texting me to make her english home work..what a great spirit!

I dont know how to mention all of our memory together..but all of us,.all of your friends and family

will be missing you Dewi!

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